Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thoroughly Confused

That would be Dana Perino according to her own words but I'd say it probably extends to the 26% president and Dick “Torture Man” Cheney as well, who recently proclaimed that he was not part of the executive branch.

Reporters peppered Perino with questions about what Cheney was exactly but Perino, who ended the discussion by exclaiming: "Okay, you have me thoroughly confused as well," was unable to get anywhere near a plausible explanation as to why her boss would shred 200 years of constitutional law in the United States. The discussion has its highlights such as Keith Koffler's little gem in the Washington Post:

"You can't give an opinion about whether the vice president is part of the executive branch or not?" Koffler pressed. "It's a little bit like somebody saying, 'I don't know if this is my wife or not.' "

The whole confusion as to why Dick and George would ignore US Law is actually simple - I mean, they've been ignoring it for six years - why would they start adhering to it now.

Illegal wiretapping and torture were things one only imagined from countries like China or the former Soviet Union, but they've become so every day and mundane here in the US now that people just shrug when they are mentioned. So the next step towards a dictatorship, that of elevating the leader of a country to a position above either the legislative or the executive branch is only a logical one.

This will drive Neocons barmy but the last time I can recall reading about a leader doing that was none other than Adolf Hitler in Germany back in 1936, when he declared that he was above the judicial and parliamentary branches.

Anyone who has an ounce of patriotic fervor left in them should be asking for Cheney's resignation.

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