Monday, July 9, 2007

"I Tried to Stop The War"

Extraordinary how these people are coming out of the woodwork. First former CIA Director George Tenet writes a book about how he didn't believe his own intelligence, or rather, the intelligence he gave Bush was correct but Bush made him skew it to fit his case and because he was being waterboarded at the time he was unable to resign, unable to speak out and unable to refuse. Now Powell is starting his 'save my own skin' campaign as reported by The Raw Sory:

It was revealed today that prior to the Iraq war, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell spent two and a half hours trying in vain to convince President George W. Bush not to invade.

Two and a half hours? 150 Minutes? By Jove! That's an effort if ever I saw one. My god - and I thought the Democrats were spineless. You have to do more, Mr. Powell to stop a war than speak for two hours. You have to resign, you have to go to the public, you have to be prepared to burn bridges to stop a multi-billion dollar war machine from creaking forward and massacring people!

How ridiculous to come out now and plead innocent when you were one of the men, like Tenet, who could have done something about it. Had you had the courage of your convictions to stand up to the Neocon war hawks all salivating about Saddam Hussein's oil, you could have done something. You could have changed history.

But now you are but a footnote. You tried to stop the war? Well good for you. You didn't 'try' hard enough, by any means, to save your reputation and your career as a politician. Your preposterous demonstration at the United Nations which so many swallowed wholeheartedly because they were desperate to believe was a major piece of acting and duplicity.

To come back now, sniveling and pleading that you 'tried' to talk the president out of it doesn't cut it. Not by a long way. Take a good long look at Iraq and the Iraqis dying every day. You could have prevented that if you had the foresight, as so many had, that it was not going to work. But you chose to toe the line. That, dear sir, will be your albatross forever.

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