Saturday, December 15, 2007

Toeing The Line

Michael B. Mukasey is toeing the line as expected. Congress’ attempt to investigate the destruction of the CIA tapes showing the waterboarding of prisoners has been blocked by the Justice Department as reported in The Washington Post. Why aren’t we surprised?

Congressional leaders from both parties alleged that Justice is trying to block their investigation and vowed to press ahead with hearings.
"We are stunned that the Justice Department would move to block our investigation," Reps. Silvestre Reyes (D-Tex.) and Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.) said in the statement. "Parallel investigations occur all of the time, and there is no basis upon which the Attorney General can stand in the way of our work."

But there is a basis. It’s called the Bush basis, which is that the demarcation lines between the executive branch and the Justice Department no longer exist. It makes the Justice Department an extended arm of the White House and the Attorney General a lap dog of the President.

As Alberto I-can’t-recall Gonzalez before him, Mukasey is bowing to pressure from the White House to prevent any investigation into this affair.

Bush, who turned the United States into a country that tortures, has also turned it into a country that dissembles the truth on par with the worst of the world’s dictatorships.

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Todd Dugdale said...

I agree.

If Mukasey were some kind of sterling and credible AG, then perhaps he could make a case for letting Justice do an independent investigation. However, he has only established himself thus far as as a nominal Bush crony. His "investigation" seems more like a stall tactic until Bush is out of office.