Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I haven't posted in a while for a couple of reasons. They are personal and do not figure necessarily on the scale of things, but because I have been asked by several people the reason for the hiatus, here it is.

First and foremost is that nothing of any particular note is happening. Iraq is disintegrating again as predicted and this time, probably noting is going to prevent it from sinking into total chaos.

The second is that the only news at the moment is about the primaries. Obama this, Clinton that, Obama said this, Clinton did the other. Here’s my take. I’m pretty much sick of the whole Democratic Primary debacle and I say this, in the context of the hundreds of millions of dollars that have been pulverized, to instigate a race which has simply taken on a distasteful and unpleasant odor.

If you’re an Obama fan, you might object at this point and indicate that it’s all Clinton’s fault. If you are a Clinton supporter, maybe you feel her aggressive attitude was justified and is what is needed in Washington. If you are a Mccain supporter, I feel sorry for your delusional state, but on the other hand, you are probably sitting smugly in a corner, sniggering at the Democrats making utter fools of themselves yet again.

Total receipts between Clinton and Obama now tally upwards of $440 million dollars. Receipts. That doesn’t include any money they’ve spent themselves. Four hundred and forty million dollars.

It’s utterly disgusting and contemptible. Here are two candidates speaking of doing good social deeds and are so at each other’s throats that they’ve totally lost sight of the wood for the trees. I dfind it utterly reprehensible. This isn’t even the campaign for the presidency. It’s the primaries. It’s disgusting. McCain’s $80 million pales in comparison but it isn’t as if he is any better. The Republicans would have easily, willingly even, spent ten times that amount if they deemed it necessary.

I am repulsed. That is why I have stopped posting.

In my opinion, each candidate should receive US$ 1 million at the start of the race and that should be it. Spend it as you like, but once it’s spent. You’re done with. Collectively, McCain, Clinton and Obama have destroyed half a billion dollars in their rabid attempt at getting into the White House.

Yes, I know, half a billon dollars is only two days in Iraq, but we never said that the Bush regime was anything one should try to measure down to.

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