Friday, September 19, 2008

The Sraight Talker

John ‘The Maverick’ McCain has been unequivocal in his denouncement of lobbyists and pork barrel senators and governors. He has also been touting the ‘outside of Washington’ approach that he wishes to adopt.

Why then would McCain take Sarah Pork-Barrel palin as his running mate?
Why would he employ 177 lobbyists in his campaign team, 85 of which work for the very industries that McCain has denounced as destroying America?
Why would he take William E. Timmons, Sr. as his senior advisor for his eventual transition team.

Time magazine wrote:

"By tapping Timmons, McCain has turned to one of Washington's steadiest and most senior inside players to guide him in the event of a victory--but also to someone who would represent the antithesis of the kind of outside-of-Washington change he has recently been promising."

The problem is that these glitches escape the voting masses. This fact, which proves beyond a doubt that Mccain has only one interest at heart and that is to become President no matter what, will be meaningless to most Republican voters.

This country is a country that has a tendency, especially amongst the Midwestern and southern states, to vote for someone because “one could imagine having a beer with that person” or because “she was once Ms. Alabama” or “He has great hair.”

It’s not really about voting for what’s best for the country otherwise W wouldn’t have been elected. There is a very real danger that McCain could succeed in November which would be catastrophic for this country, a country with a depleted military, an economy in tatters and a devaluating currency.

McCain won’t make a good President because he was once a POW.
Palin won’t make a good VP because she shoots animals.

He lies and she’s clueless. That’s really what the right has to understand.

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