Monday, November 3, 2008

What If Obama Wins?

Tomorrow's the day. At the end of it, this country will either have voted for at least another four years of Neocon rule, or taken the high road and placed a bet on a young, ingenious Senator. An African American Senator. That's important because there are several outcomes to this election depending on who wins.

If Mccain wins, middle class white America that is afraid of socialist ideals even though these are not upheld by Obama and even though the same white Americans don't know what socialism really means, will feel vindicated. The 'real America' will feel it has won and once again bludgeoned the evil black, muslim, communist snake to death.

The Democrats I think will be shocked and dissapointed. Many will be angry. Because leading up to this election everything points to an Obama victory, a clear victory and a defeat would again raise the spectre of voter fraud, ironically, the same spectre that McCain is wielding as he warns about ACORN. Black America will be insensed at having had this opportunity taken from them and who could blame them - so near and yet so far. But their anger will be tempered by the fact that McCain was not regarded as a specific threat to them. All this is fairly obvious.

What is not obvious is what will happen if Obama wins as anyone who has been following the media will expect him to. There will be of course a lot of rejoicing on the streets by anyone left of the Neocon machine. The Bush era will finally be over and we will be preparing the stage for what will be an historical presidency come what may. But the Neocons and their minions - their blind, uneducated ignorant followers who all shake in fear at the thought of 'their America' disolving into a new version of the Soviet Union, those impossibly dumb people who think that their taxes are going to be hiked even though they are in exactly the tax bracket that Obama intends to help - what of them? What of the incredibly obtuse white trash portion of the population who believe that a McCain, who would actually only pander to the super-rich, would be their candidate?

In several of the videos showing these supporters of the McCain/Palin ticket one can observe unveiled racism and unhidden declarations of a physical attack on Obama should he become President. In at least two of these videos, a man cocks his hand to mimic a pistol and pretends to fire it when asked what will happen if Obama is elected.

These people are nuts. They are dangerous as hell being both ignorant and angry. They are indicative of the shifting mood in the United States. They will be the ones to shift even more to the right when Obama is elected. They are Palin's future.

To understand this, one has to grasp the fact that the McCain campaign has turned into a fascist movement. I do not say this lightly but the facts support that statement. The central position of a fascist movement is to single out a group of people that are regarded as the enemy and are treated and referred to as an existential threat. This is the tool which the one side uses to fuse it's followers together. Single mindedly, with no individual thought, they attack their perceived enemies even before understanding them or wanting to understand them.

So a win by Obama will, in my opinion see a strong shift to the right by the right in this country. This won't change after they notice that, being a part of the middle class their lives get better and not worse under Obama. This will also not change when they notice the country becoming stronger under the new leader. Their point of view is set, their horizon fixed. Their hatred whipped up by a Palin rhetoric is potentially the most dangerous thing this country will have faced for decades. This will be compounded by an isolation of the Republican Senators who will increasingly look to a more extremist corner for support. All the evidence is there and I am concerned for the future of this country, not because Obama will not bring about a change for the better, but because the extreme religious right will destroy it rather than see their convictions go unfulfilled. Those convictions are that if a vaguely liberal minded person is elected president it will mean the end of America as we know it. Clinton and the Clinton years are forgotten. Only fear remains.

So it is with great urgency that I call upon those on the right who have a moral backbone, who have an understanding of the dynamics at play and understand the dangers of motivating large groups of intellectually challenged people using inflamatory rhetoric, to do everything in their power to stop radicalizing Barack Obama. Criticism of his ideas and plans is appropriate. Demonizing him into some sort of anti-christ is not. This should be obvious to McCain and vice presidential candidate Palin. An assasination of Obama is clearly possible and would plunge this country into chaos. It's in the hands of the right to do what they can NOW, to prevent such a disaster.

Barack Obama is no more a danger to the United States and for that matter Israel, than Bill Clinton was. Indeed, his election alone could transform this country. It could free it from the shackles of shame that slavery brought upon it. It could change the dynamic that has dictated hatred and racism, repression and prejudice on the United States for the past hundred years. It will do this even if it does not fulfill his promises. To that end, you too, those of you who don't wish to see him elected but who have the ability to understand the disaster that would ensure should he be brought down by an assassin, you too should do what you can to ensure that that at least does not happen. You should do your part to temper the extreme right.

You can do this by ceasing to spread hatred. You can do this by ceasing to spread fear. You can do this by accepting him as your new President.

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