Thursday, February 7, 2008

Addressing a Syndrome

It’s frightening and very disconcerting to read. I’m talking about Democrats who say they support Obama and who say they’ll vote for McCain if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination. I’m baffled – and then again I’m not. This country somehow, by hook or by crook, managed to get the same criminal bozo elected to the Presidency twice in a row.

I was stunned when Bush was elected the first time. Well, OK, he wasn’t – his Supreme Court buddies and Katherine strip-the-minorities-of-their-vote zombie-ninja-bride Harris stole the election for him along with his golfing pals at Diebold. But in the 2004 election, Bush actually got what would seem like the popular vote. I didn’t understand how that could happen…

But now I see Democrats lining up to thwart a Clinton Presidency if Obama doesn’t get nominated. Wake up people! John McCain is the hundred-years-war man. He’s the “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” guy. He’s the antithesis of the person who might have a chance to repair the cracks and fissures that have developed not only within this country, but between this country and the rest of the world.

Hillary Clinton would be a polarizing figure. Hillary Clinton would be attacked by Republicans. She is not as enticingly innocent as Obama. But is that a reason to abandon the chance of steering this country back on course? Is that a reason to take away the hope of universal health care? Does it make sense to throw away the opportunity of raising America's credibility and stature in the world?

McCain will certainly do neither the first, nor can he offer the second and is certain to do the opposite of the last. McCain is determined to live up to the expectations of the Neocons. By voting McCain, one might as well give the present presidential cretin a third term and be done with it. At least we can laugh at his continuous stream of pronunciation errors.

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