Sunday, February 17, 2008

"It Was Wrong"

Those three words will resonate for a while throughout the United Kingdom, maybe throughout Europe, the West, maybe the world. “It was wrong” is how John Williams, former Foreign Office aide on Blair’s team and alleged author of the ‘sexed up dossier,’ refers to the contents of the well publicized memo that pretended that Saddam Hussein could launch a WMD strike in 45 minutes.

The Independent goes on to say that Williams explains that publication of the dossier will show that Tony Blair and his team were set on proving that Hussein was a threat and that the facts were twisted to fit the mindset.

"The argument was that here was someone who had been known to possess illegal weapons. We regarded him as a threat." He added: "The document will show the mindset that everyone had. It was wrong and we know that now."

But the damage had been done and Tony Blair, ever ready to throw himself behind the miracle of George W. Bush – the only fully functioning president entirely without a brain – made sure that the evidence was skewed so that military action was unavoidable.

“It was wrong,” is a sentence that carries with it the lives of many British soldiers. Having been wrong carries with it the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. It allowed the Bush Administration to set another brick in their wall of lies. It was a cornerstone of the Iraq war.

Williams says they were wrong, but what he infers is that they were deliberately wrong. The dossier was intended to spread fear into the populations of the West to allow its leaders to wage war. So many, so many fell for the fear-mongering and so many still do. It reinforces the idiom: ‘question everything’ and above all, question your government because its motives are not necessarily in your best interests.

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Insightful and eloquent post.