Thursday, March 6, 2008

No Need for Wishy-Washy

The Bush Administration have proven to be world champions of wishy-washiness. One of the major wishy-washy prizes went to Donald Rumsfeld for his Weapons of Mass Destruction Statement:

"We know where they are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat."

Wishy-washy gave way to “I don’t recall” when Alberto Gonzales managed to reply 97 times to questions during a hearing using that statement.

They continue however their inability at precise communication when it comes to torture and more specifically waterboarding. “It’s umm, like torture but isn’t. It isn’t torture unless someone else is doing it? It’s torture unless the bomb’s about to go off….”

All of these have been stammered statements made amongst much coughing into assorted closed fists by members of the Bush Administration or some members even of the Supreme Court. So where to look for a country that has something definite to say about it? Because Great Britain won’t help out – they are traditionally vague and imprecise about everything.

But Canada is coming to our rescue. Canada, that has decided to single-handedly reject ALL the evidence obtained from Al Qaeda suspects if it was obtained through waterboarding – a form of torture. Of course the CIA went nuts and immediately asked the Canadians how they could possibly exclude all this evidence from the dossiers of Harkat and Charkaoui, suspects who may have had some fringe involvement in 9/11. This was the reply as reported by Newsweek:

Bernard Beckhoff, a spokesman for Canada's public safety ministry, which oversees CSIS, said he could not comment on developments in either case because they are both still before the courts. But he then added, pointedly: "The CSIS director has stated publicly that torture is morally repugnant and not particularly reliable. CSIS does not knowingly use information which has been obtained through torture."

Clear, concise. No wishy washy.

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Poetryman said...

Now that the truth is out there, let the word go forth. Without conservatives there would be no torture. W's veto is complete, absolute and irrefutable proof of this simple fact.