Monday, March 10, 2008

"War Is Inevitable"

As the Bush nightmare slowly draws to a close and everyone holds their breath that the idiot in the White House won’t start another war before he leaves office, former Bush loyalists are dropping out and trying to settle scores before the whole mucky neocon house of manure collapses.

Now it’s Doug Feith’s turn and in his new book, Doug doesn’t pull any punches. On his list of targets is Condoleeza Rice, Paul Bremer, General Tommy Franks and Colin Powell amongst others. The funny thing is, that every time one of these Neocons does his little semi-defection dance, all he or she does, is confirm what the left has been saying about the whole Iraq episode.

Feith confirms what Ron Suskind and Richard Clarke had already stated in their books The Price of Loyalty and Against All Enemies; namely that Bush had decided to go to war on Dec. 18, 2002, well before the UN inspectors were anywhere near done and well before all the seriously dodgy intelligence reports about WMDs were published. Feith states that Bush said on that day: “War is inevitable.”

The right however scoffed at Suskind who basically wrote on behalf of Paul H. O’Neill, probably one of the men with the highest integrity who ever served office and they scoffed at Clarke who himself had served under four Presidents, when he stated the same thing. How are the Neocons going to scoff at Douglas Feith, one of the leading architects of the Iraq war?

Feith joins a long line of ex-Bush Administration fatheads who led the country into war and are now backpedaling to save their future careers. What I find so funny though is how all these people are falling over themselves to blame everyone else.

McLellan blamed Cheney in What Happened, George Tenet blames everyone except the CIA, David Kuo blames the entire Rove apparatus and Doug Feith blames everyone except Rumsfeld but especially the CIA. It’s quite clear that everyone in the Bush Administration, without exception was to blame for the fiasco that Iraq has become although Feith concentrates on Tommy Franks who he criticizes for not having any interest whatsoever in any kind of postwar planning as well as the fact that Paul Bremer and the rest of the Bush Administration didn’t listen to him as The Washington Post reports:

The key mistake that the United States made in Iraq, Feith asserts, was "the mishandling of the political transition." The good that Bremer did, he concludes, "was outweighed by the harm caused by the fact of occupation."

I can only laugh as I watch this ship of inept fools implode and sink in the very quagmire that they created. These people are criminals, should be treated as criminals and should be made to pay as the criminals that they are – the whole pack of deceitful, pompous, self-righteous, arrogant boneheads that have been trying to steer this country and the rest of the world off a cliff for the past seven years.

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Todd Dugdale said...

Great post. When Bush leaves office I'm sure that more people are going to write exposes on what really went on. There are thousands of incompetent wingnuts who were placed in charge of Agencies and Departments on various levels, and they will all be out of a job in January. In order to salvage their resumes, many will write similar accounts blaming others.

There really needs to be an investigation after Bush leaves office. Not a vendetta, but a serious investigation that will produce enough evidence to convince the public that courses such as Bush took are a bad idea. Otherwise, memories will fade and we will be in danger of reproducing this entire fiasco in a decade. The Right is great at re-writing history.

With Fallon gone now, we could very well see Bush launch a new campaign against Iran that would last until his term ends and distract from any investigations.