Saturday, March 8, 2008

Why McCain Won't Do.

In a symbolic gesture, G.W.Bush today, vetoed legislation passed by Congress that would have banned water boarding. Why symbolic? It’s a symptomatic demonstration that the pack of lying, deceitful, arrogant, pig-headed neocon barbarians running this country do not understand that if you do not uphold the values under which your country was founded, you no longer have a country worth defending.

Congress’ legislation to ban waterboarding as a means of interrogation by the CIA would not have been a revolutionary, nation-threatening move that would have fed the country to a radical Islamic wolf pack. The right wing cabal of fascists in the White House would have the country think so of course, but in fact, this legislation would have brought the CIA in line with the military with regards to the questioning of prisoners. The U.S. Army Field Manual expressly prohibits waterboarding along with several other techniques for extracting information from captives.

In the article run by The Raw Story, Bush cites National Security as a reason for his vote. The real humdinger though, is that the bill was passed along partisan lines – virtually all the Republican Congressmen voted against the measure restricting the methods of questioning to those within the bounds of the Geneva Convention.

If anything, this should be a final reminder to those Democrats irresponsible enough to consider for a minute voting for McCain should Obama lose the nomination. McCain, after his famous torture flip-flop a fortnight ago would certainly also veto such legislation. If you want to finally rid this country of the scourge of torture and the blight that the collective Republican body but in particular, the neocon criminals have instilled upon it, you have to vote a Democratic candidate into the White House.

You have to.

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