Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The One That Takes The Biscuit

Richard T. Race is the kind of guy you would hope was squeaky clean. He was after all George W. Bush’s specially appointed special Chief Investigator to the Pentagon’s Inspector General. His job description: “investigating fraud and official misconduct.”

Let’s hear that again: investigating fraud and official misconduct. Well, this is going to hurt: Richard T. Race has been arrested and charged with nothing less than fraud and attempting to violate the country’s banking regulations as Bloomberg reports:

Race, 61, admitted he made cash deposits at the Pentagon's credit union on three straight days in March 2007 that were designed to evade laws that track large currency transactions.

I know, the Democrats have these people too, what with William Jefferson and Eliot Spitzer. But I think Race is in fact the 58th Republican Bushie being nailed in a hypocritical scandal in the past 16 months if my memory serves me well. In fact, in 2007, there was a new Republican under investigation pretty much every single week of the year.

What makes it even more palatable is the fact that this is the man that George W. Bush personally chose to trust with the investigation of financial wrongdoing. A man who stoops so low as to try and hide a $20,000 transaction. It’s pathetic. Very, very funny, but pathetic all the same. It is the most succinct and condensed representation of Bush’s presidency I’ve seen so far.

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