Monday, October 13, 2008

The 23% Ticket

ABC News reports thatBush’s approval rating has sunk to 23% which is below Nixon’s and just a point above Truman’s lowest. His disapproval rating is at an all time, record-whopping, 73%.

90% of those polled say the country is off on the wrong track which is the highest number ever recorded since that question started being asked in 1973.

The disturbing thing is that 23% of those polled still approve of the job he did despite the biggest economic meltdown of the past 50 years, a war in Iraq which yielded neither WMDs nor anything substantial and certainly not a democratic country with full support of the USA, an escaped Bin laden and a list of scandals that would have made the Bourbons proud.

Those 23% are the hope of John and Sarah, rolling up to promise another four years of the same. It’s hysterical. It’s Saturday Night Live, live! It's the 23% ticket.

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