Friday, October 17, 2008

A Note To Mrs. Palin

From the Richmond County Daily Journal:

Note to Mrs. Palin and her supporters: Average Americans don't believe that the Earth was created 5,000 years ago. We don't ignore overwhelming scientific proof about global warming. We don't believe that the Iraq War is a call from God. We don't support states seceding from the country. We don't support banning books. We don't support using political power for personal gain. We do support sexual education that deals with STDs and contraceptives.

We do support alternate energy sources. We do want someone for our country who does not need to hire a city administrator to help with running a town of 6,000 and then put them in debt to the tune of $27 million. We don't believe that you can "pray away the gay." We do want leaders who (along with their families) practice what they preach.

We don't want a "Warrior For God" one heartbeat away from our nuclear arsenal. We do think that radical extreme Christianity is every bit as dangerous to us as a radical extreme of any religion. We do think unstable, belligerent religious extremists should be our enemies ... not our representatives.

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