Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Alive And Well In America

Racism that is.

So often I read material by affronted white people who rant about people like the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a vitriolic preacher who preaches, certainly angry words about white supremacists.

Obama is associated with this man in only the most loose of interpretations, but that doesn’t stop the right wing pundits from jumping on the bandwagon and claiming that Obama himself is by proxy a radical. Only one vital piece is missing from the equation: the hate and disrespect that so many, really so many white people still have for African Americans.

The Reverend Wright is certainly not a figure to be applauded for his rhetoric. Yet one has to understand, that the man preaches in a context, as reported by The Raw Story.

75-year-old Wade Williams, arrested Wednesday morning, was angry that he hadn't yet received his voter registration card. According to the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office, Williams threatened a state official over the phone that he would "empty his shotgun," stating an urgent need to vote to "keep the nigger out of office."

Wade Williams has spoken for millions of whites across this country. Not only for the radicals, but all those who won’t say the ‘N’ word, but will say “that one.” He speaks for millions of Republicans horrified by the thought that a black man might ascend to the most powerful post in this country.

This was yesterday. The same people, the Wade Williams of forty years ago, were lynching blacks across the South.

So to put it in context, very little has changed, and yet so much has changed. An African American will be the next President of the United States and those that want to keep “that one” out of office, will have lost their footing again.

The hate filled words that McCain spat at the crowd when he said “that one” will one day be a thing of the past. But for now, they are still present and the McCains and Williams of this world still believe in their own superiority because once, not so long ago, their forefathers bullied, coerced and tortured men, women and children of African descent onto ships and, with no regard for their well being, transported them over the ocean to serve at the whim of the white man, to be raped and beaten by the white man and to be degraded by the white man.

Come November, there will be a severe dent put into the belief that a black man is inferior to a white and there will be a tear in the fabric that supports men like McCain with his disguised racist slurs and maybe even the foundations upon which white supremacists built their castle of hate, will finally have cracked enough to bring the whole thing down.


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