Saturday, October 25, 2008

McCain Camp Tied to Attack on Staffer

As reported by the Talking Points Memo, in an amazing but not altogether surprising twist, it would appear that a spokesperson for the McCain camp released inflammatory details of the faked attack on a Pennsylvania woman before they had been released by the police.

John McCain's Pennsylvania communications director told reporters in the state an incendiary version of the hoax story about the attack on a McCain volunteer well before the facts of the case were known or established -- and even told reporters outright that the "B" carved into the victim's cheek stood for "Barack," according to multiple sources familiar with the discussions.

The implications of a McCain staffer telling reporters a much more embellished and explosive story than the available facts at the time would allow are obvious. In a nutshell, it is the same propagandist style which has been Palin’s approach these past weeks – to generate hatred against the opposition. The intention is to coerce Midwestern white America into believing, “If you vote for the Muslim Black Man who pals around with terrorists, this will happen to you.”

I can’t wait for November 4th - a farewell to John bomb, bomb, bomb Iran, McCain, a goodbye to the moose killing nutcase and a return to sanity for this country so we can start putting things right again.

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